GlobalFair: importer and exporter with sound sector knowledge.

GlobalFair is your trading specialist for the import and export of vegetables and fruit. We are located in Barendrecht, the very center of the Dutch fruit and vegetable sector, and work with suppliers all over the world. Our top-of-the-range products are distributed across Europe. Our focus is on the food service sector, processing industries and wholesales.

Finest quality

GlobalFair is a company that knows its business. Our experience in the fruit and vegetable sector enables us to select quality products and to maintain this quality during transportation and trading.

Professional service

We are more than happy to advise our customers about how to process our products. The knowledge that we have acquired over the past few years does indeed come in handy here.

Customisation ánd efficiency

Besides, we are passionate about personal customer service. We think that customisation should not be compromised for the sake of scaling-up. Inform us about your wishes and we will figure out the most efficient way to have our products be complementary to your business process.

Characteristic for GlobalFair

Next to our expertise and flexibility, three core values are leading in our business process. Because of these core values, you will always know where we stand in your contact with GlobalFair.


You know what you buy: we are frank about the quality of our products.


You can count on us: our promises are guaranteed.


You never pay too much: we are transparent about the way the selling price is determined.

The way we work

GlobalFair offers the opportunity of full transparency in the case of continuous purchase. By means of open calculation, which shows you how the selling price is determined, you know that the price you pay is a fair price. The whole process, from purchase at the grower’s field till delivery at your doorstep, is taken care of by GlobalFair. You are unburdened, pay a fair price and are close to the source.

Our Team

Daniël Neele

Procurement and sales
Languages: NL, EN & DE
P: +31 180 726 720
M: +31 6 12 50 01 91

Dingeman van Hengel

Procurement and sales
Languages: NL, EN & DE
P: +31 180 726 721
M: +31 6 82 00 77 81

Fabian van Arkel

Procurement and sales
Languages: NL, EN & DE
P: +31 180 726 723
M: +31 6 83 40 66 82

Maarten van den Heuvel

Procurement and sales
Languages: NL, EN & DE
P: +31 180 726 722
M: +31 6 82 10 25 14

David Kleinjan

Procurement and sales
Languages: NL, EN & DE
P: +31 (0) 180 726 728
M: +31 6 19 25 37 57

Anton van Hengel

P: +31 (0) 180 726 729

Louis de Vos

P: +31 (0) 180 726 726

The GlobalFair team is synonymous to a well-structured way of working and a personal approach. Your wishes are key to us. Our combined experience within the fruit and vegetable sector ensures we know this industry like the back of our hands. We exploit the possibilities in your best interest. This attitude, our core values and our product knowledge guarantee a pleasant and professional partnership.