Your partner in sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables

Are you looking for a supplier for your fresh produce? Let’s meet! As both an importer and exporter, we would like to show what we excel in by providing the best sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables.

GlobalFair’s product range

It is the focus that ensures our quality. That is why GlobalFair chooses to specialize in a number of strong import lines, including sweet potatoes, butternut squash, ginger, garlic, nashi pears and citrus. Because of this specialization and focus, we ensure you receive with excellence, what you order.

GlobalFair is the right partner for processing, retail, food service and wholesale industries

With extensive experience in the processing industry, we know exactly what to do for certain product specifications or delivery methods. We also understand the importance of continuity in your production runs. That is why we ensure security of supply, possibly against a fixed price. Not only do processing customers have our full attention, but in addition to the processing industry, we also service the retail, food service and wholesaler markets with enthusiasm and expertise.

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GlobalFair B.V.
Koopliedenweg 22
2991LN Barendrecht

(+31) 180 726 726

Chamber of commerce-number: 73738131


GlobalFair is your specialist for the import and export of sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables. We are located in Barendrecht, the fruit and vegetable heart of the Netherlands, and partner with suppliers on all continents. We sell our high-quality products throughout Europe. We focus on customers in the food service, processing , wholesalers and retail industries.

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